10% off Easy Rider Trek. Enter code WINTEREASY at the checkout to redeem. Valid for all booking before the 15th July 2024.
10% off Easy Rider Trek. Enter code WINTEREASY at the checkout to redeem. Valid for all booking before the 15th July 2024.

Natural Horsemanship Treks
in the Dart Valley, New Zealand

A horse riding experience you’ll remember forever!

For the love of Horses


done differently...

With our hand-picked, naturally trained and quality bred horses and a team of guides with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Natural Horsemanship, we offer amazing horse treks for riders of all levels. Our ethos is all about the horses and their welfare; we believe happy horses leads to safer and more enjoyable trekking experiences for both the rider and the horse. Here at Lighthorse Adventures we do things a little differently…!

 3 Star Parelli Professionals

We use the principles of psychology, communication and understanding in all of our horse development, rather than methods of force and fear based training often used in the horse industry. We are owned and operated by a Licensed Parelli Professional and are an ambassador for animal welfare.  Parelli Natural Horsemanship is a movement focusing on education to fulfil the mission of making the world a better place for horses and the humans that love them. more at: www.parelli.com

Our Horses

Selected for their calm, gentle temperaments, strength and good character, our horses are a variety of quality breeds. From pure bred Clydesdales, Gypsy Vanners, Quarter Horses and draft crosses, all of our horses are wonderful individuals with good natures.  We love all horses, and believe with the right foundation any horse can become an amazing equine partner. Though starting with horses who have a natural aptitude for trekking makes it more fun for us and them!  Our horses go through extensive, foundational development to ensure they are ready to take you on your journey with us.

Our Trained Guides

The passionate horse trek guides at Lighthorse understand your needs. Whether you’re a first timer who’s feeling nervous, or you’ve ridden all of your life and are just wanting to try something “different”. Our team will help you feel safe, comfortable and cared for on your journey. Every guide goes through extensive horsemanship training and is regularly graded on their competence to ensure continued skill development, keeping the standard of care high for you as a rider, and for our horses.

"Absolutely Stunning"

“ The level of understanding Lynetta (the owner) has for horses is extraordinary and her gentle training methods were a delight to watch. I would highly recommend this to any one who is looking for a horse trek, the scenery was absolutely stunning, the horses were beautifully trained and safe, what more could you ask for! Five star experience all the way. ”

Maynard Harvey

Featured Horse Treks

The Easy Rider | 1.5 Hour Experience

Have a taste of adventure on this gentle, scenic horse ride through the glorious surrounds of the Dart Valley. Once you arrive our friendly, experienced team will get you “geared up” and take you through an introduction to our horses and how we communicate with them. You’ll have a chance to meet and bond with your horse before heading out for the easy ride along the valley and river systems. There’s no more magical experience than venturing through the wilderness with you and your horse in harmony together! This ride is walking only.

The River Wild | Half Day Experience

Adventure through the incredible valleys of Glenorchy on this half-day horse-back experience. Before you head out, our friendly, experienced guides will take you through an intro session on horsemanship and you’ll get a chance to bond with your horse on the ground and then in the saddle. This session will set you up for a fun, harmonious ride and you’ll feel like a horseman (or horsewoman) as you venture through the pristine river systems and glorious scenery of Dart Valley. An experience you won’t forget!

Revamped Graze & Glory

An epic adventure through our glorious rivers and valleys! Get immersed in the experience and become one with your horse over this full day adventure. You’ll start your day with an introduction to the art of Horsemanship and build your bond throughout the day while you and your horse venture together as partners through some of the worlds most scenic riding areas.

Availability is subject to weather and seasons.

Excellence, Professionalism, Expertise

The Home Of  Happy Horses

Customer safety is paramount to us, as is the happiness of our horses.

Each horse is a loved team member and is developed using psychology, communication and understanding, the principles of which we will share with you during your time with us. 

Whether you are a horse lover already or you are just looking for a unique, fun way to enjoy the stunning surrounds of the Queenstown region, Lighthorse Adventures will give you an unfortettable horse-riding experience.

Our focus is Quality, not Quantity

Bit-less Bridles

Riding shouldn't feel like force. Reins should be the pathway for our communication. This is why we choose to use natural, rope hackamores on our treks, rather than have metal bits in our horses mouths.

Bits have their use (highly refined communication required for performance) and can be used kindly, but shoulnt be necessary on the trail.

Instead, we want you to experience the freedom that comes with a loose rein, a happy horse and free communication without the gadgets. You and your horse will feel the difference! 

Barefoot & Hoofboot

We've all experienced the difference footwear can make, our horses are the same. This is why instead of traditional, metal shoes being nailed onto our horses hooves, we've chosen to move with the times, follow the science and use a natural, holistic approach to our horses hooves. This means no metal shoes! Instead we keep our horses barefoot and use high quality hoof boots. Just like a good pair of hiking shoes, the right hoofwear helps our horses whole body, to carry us better, be in comfort, increase performance and longevity. You’ll see lots of horse shoes at Lighthorse, hanging on the fences, ready for shoe throwing games, you just won't see them on our horses feet. 

Comfortable Saddles

Feel safe and comfortable as you ride in our high quality, custom made western saddles designed to give you the best riding experience possible for your trek as well as provide comfort and performance for your horse.

These saddles have a horn for you to hang on to, a padded seat and a flexible tree that moves with your horse.

You’ll feel better and ride better in our purpose designed and quality equipment. 

Ground Warm-up

At Lighthorse we go above and beyond to make sure your horse is not only trained for their job, but also warmed up on the ground  before every ride with specific exercises to improve mental, emotional and physical preparedness. Just like an athlete prepares before every performance, this warmup helps our horses to function, safer, happier and physically healthier than they would if just ridden cold. This sets our horses up for success and gets them in the mood for their day’s adventure. You are welcome to join in!

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Day Rides & treks

We offer incredible horse riding experiences  through the stunning surrounds of the Dart Valley. Explore the day treks we have here

Explore & Book
our Day Rides / Treks

We offer incredible horse riding experiences  through the stunning surrounds of the Dart Valley. Explore the day treks we have here.

Lighthouse Adventures are proud to be accredited with the Qualmark Sustainable Tourism Award