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As a professional horsemanship coach it is my unique ability to be able to offer visitors from all walks of life the opportunity to experience what normally only a few passionate horsemen and women get to learn about; the art of Horsemanship and share with you rare insights into the way horses naturally communicate with each other.  

No matter who you are, where you’re from or if you have ridden before or not, we are able to bridge the gap between the elite horsemanship world and you, and offer  everyone who visits us the chance to experience horses on a deeper level, while enjoying all the usual fun and excitement of adventure horse riding. 

I’m honored to be able to share with you all that I love about horses. 

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At Lighthorse Adventures we use the principles of psychology, communication and understanding in all of our horse development, rather than methods of force and fear based training that is often used in the horse industry.

We are owned and operated by a Licensed Parelli Professional and ambassador for animal welfare. Parelli Natural Horsemanship is a movement which focuses on education to fulfil the mission of making the world a better place for horses and the humans that love them. 

We know the difference between a horse that’s been developed with genuine natural horsemanship and people who just say they are “natural”. No pretending, no shortcuts, and no backroom horse breaking.

We are genuine, certified Natural Horsemanship professionals.

We do this because we love horses, we understand how they think, feel and behave. We are here to make a difference. The world needs changing for horses, for their welfare and we are here to help make that change.

Passionate, dedicated, experienced

Meet our Team

We are genuine, certified Natural Horsemanship

professionals. With a wealth of experience and passion.


Owner | Parelli Profession

My Name is Lynetta Schionning and I am the owner of Lighthorse Adventures and professional horsemanship coach. With 12 years teaching experience in the horse industry and over 25 years as a student of the horse, learning from world class, industry leading masters of horsemanship in both Australia and the USA. The more I have learned of horses the more I am called to the need to share the knowledge of horsemanship with others.


Two years ago I was recruited by the manager of Dart River Stables to come into the business as Equine Specialist. The opportunity to be a part of improving industry standards around safety and animal welfare were enough to have me move my life to Glenorchy and begin working to improve the system. I was then given the option to purchase the Dart River Stables business and as owner operator, continue this mission. This is how Lighthorse Adventures was born. 

Felica Schionning

Business Manager

An adventurous horse rider from a young age, I gave up my horse passion to make way for more responsible things, like running our family farming business. This was my life’s work, up until two years ago, when after the passing of our father I needed to move on from the Farm in North Queensland Australia. 

I ventured to Queenstown to be with my sister, Lynetta and now have settled here to co-run Lighthorse Adventures. 

This business has not only allowed me to re-discover my love of horses, but has also challenged me with the incredible task of creating a unique way to share the love of horsemanship with the world.

Tereza and Houdini Riding Freestyle 

Tereza Safrankova

Guide Manager

All the way from the Czech Republic, Tereza is a dedicated horsewoman who leads by example in her role as Guide Manager. Tereza is the embodiment of one of our core values; never ending self improvement! 

Tereza is also a passionate musician who sings, plays guitar, piano and even the piano accordion! 

Indigo Levett

Assistant Herd Manager 

We've never met a horse Indigo doesn't like... And because of this she is trusted to oversee our herd of 70+ horses. Indigo is passionate about Natural Horsemanship and sharing the message of Love, Language and Leadership with the world. 

coincidently, she is also a musician who sings, plays guitar and plays the piano accordion! 

Mr Nox

Noble Steed and trainer of Humans


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