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"Wonderful guides... Breathtaking setting"

“Wonderful guides (and amazing with the kids) in a breathtaking setting. Love that the new owner is an expert in natural horsemanship and they do not use metal bits with their horses.”

Emily Cunha

The Pony Express


 20 Mins

$65 pp

A fun venture for the littlies on this gentle, scenic pony ride through the beautiful surrounds of the Dart Valley. Perfect for children between ages of 3 and 7.

Photo packages available at checkout.

Ride details

A fun adventure for the littlies on this gentle, scenic pony ride through the beautiful surrounds of the Dart Valley.

Getting there

Driving yourself:
We are located in  the Dart Valley, Glenorchy. You will need to allow  1 hour to drive from Queenstown.

Transport / Transfers:
Unavailable at this time.

Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the day of your booked ride to qualify for a booking re-schedule or refund. Cancellations and booking changes made after 30 days, but prior to 24 hours will incur a 10% of the total booking fee, cancellations and changes made within 24 hours of the day of your booked ride are non-refundable.

Arrival times: Please note: that the check-in for your ride is 30 minutes prior to the ride start time. Being late may result in you missing your ride, for which no refund will be given. Please arrive promptly at the check-in time. 

All terms and conditions can be found here:


What you need to know

Our horses are not machines, and they have been trained with particular cues and communication. We don’t kick or yank our horses and you’ll be asked to use the methods that they are familiar with when you ride with us.

Our rider weight limit is 105kg, allowances for riders outside of this weight limit may be granted for experienced riders or for shorter rides, depending on the riders’ weight. Any allowances made by Lighthorse must be granted in writing and will be checked on the day.  

We have different sized horses for different sized people. But at the end of the day, horse riding is still an athletic activity and you need to be able to get on and get off safely without hurting yourself or the horse. Please be honest about your weight and ability as there will be no refunds if you’re turned away from your ride because inaccurate information was provided. If in doubt (call us) to discuss your needs prior to booking.

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We offer tailor made packages through the stunning surrounds of the Dart Valley. Let us create the perfect  experience,  just for you.